Annalise’s cooking has the uncanny ability to taste delicious decadent and wonderful AND be good for you.
I need to eat more of it!

Bill Granger
chef and restaurateur


I’m in London
Jealous I can’t order your food here!
When is the cook book out?????

Dannii Minogue

Hi Annalise 

I just wanted to let you know that J was raving so much about your curry last night that it was borderline painful.

And I quote:
“this is the best curry I’ve ever had”
“oh my god” (every 10 seconds)
“she should be on masterchef”
waving a fork of chickpeas at me…”if this was on masterchef it would win..”

 Of course it was delicious but the man was out of control.


Cushla Chauhan
Editor, body+soul

Love Lunch makes my Tuesdays a day to look forward too!

Simon Haskell
Hurley Asia Pacific, General Manager

 Annalise’s Love Lunch makes me feel as good as she looks!
It is so delicious & nutricious & really quite fabulous.

Joh Bailey
Owner, Joh Bailey Hair Salons

Hi Annalise,

Thank you so much for brightening up our lunches. Now not only am I more than satisfied with the quantity, but also the quality of your visual feasts. Your lunches always make me feel like I have been invited to a friend’s home for dinner. Without a doubt, all of us at Chic, delight in knowing that today is a Annalise Love Lunch Day, please continue to look after us.

Ursula Hufnagel,
Owner, Chic model management

 Annalise is referred to in my circle as ‘our masterchef’! Her meals are always delicious, beautifully presented and made from the freshest, healthiest ingredients. After a long day at the office, I don’t have the time to whip up a home-cooked meal and it’s so nice to come home and pop a Love Lunch platter in the oven, put my feet up, and enjoy recipes from my favourite parts of the world.

Roxy Jacenko,
founder and director of Sweaty Betty PR.

I was privileged to work with Annalise’s sister who introduced us to ‘Love Lunch’ and my colleagues and I opted in every time. The food is prepared with a kind heart and lots of love, with a variety of dishes filled with organic ingredients, with endless taste, surprise and deliciousness. Congratulations Annalise, I would recommend Love Lunch to everyone!

Tammy Kelly,

Annalise….the lasagne was DIVINE! But are you allowed to tell me how you managed to make such a scrummy sauce on the gluten and dairy free?

AND most importantly….when will we expect to see your recipe book as I will most defo be dashing to the shop to purchase.

Rebecca Attenborough,
Public Relations & Events Management